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GWP GARDEN is founded in 2001 and headquartered in Tianjin of China which is one of the world largest hardware production center as well as the largest financial center and sea port in the north of China. GWP GARDEN is the china professional manufacturer and exporter of fabricated wire and metal garden supplies. Our products include Garden Decor series, Animal Cage series and Fire Pit series:

  • Garden Decor series include metal plant supports (various flower supports, tomato cages, tomato spiral, plant stakes, garden stakes, garden wire, floral wire, plant twist wire tie, sod staples); metal garden trellis; metal garden obelisk; metal garden arch; metal garden fence (garden border fence, folding border fence, wrought iron garden edging fence); metal plant hangers (Shepherd's Hooks, hanging basket brackets); metal baskets (hanging baskets, wall baskets, standing baskets, hanging basket tree); metal planters (window box, plant holder, plant dolly, flower stands, plant pot stands, plant stand shelf, window box deck railing brackets); bird feeding (bird feeders, bird feeder stations); gardening facilities (Danish trolley, mini greenhouse, grow house, windmill, ground anchors ),etc.

  • Animal Cage series include various pet cages (folding dog crates, dog kennels, pet playpens, small animal cages, large parrot cages), live animal traps (squirrel traps, rat traps, etc).

  • Fire Pit series include various metal stamping, cast iron, wrought iron fire pits and BBQ grill.

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Plant Supports | Flower Supports
Tomato Cages | Plant Cages
Tomato Spirial Stakes | Tomato Supports
Plant Stakes | Garden Stakes
Decorative Garden Stakes
Plant Accessories
Sod Staples | Ground Staples
Metal Garden Trellis | Plant Trellis
Wrought Iron Garden Trellis
Wrought Iron Garden Obelisk
Metal Garden Obelisk
Metal Garden Arch
Shepherd's Hooks with Multi-hooks
Wrought Iron Hanging Basket Brackets
Hanging Basket Hooks | Bird Feeder Hooks
Metal Hanging Baskets with Coco Liner
Metal Wall Baskets
Metal Standing Baskets with Coco Liner
Hanging Basket Tree
Metal Plant Dolly | Moving Dolly | Plant Caddy
Metal Plant holder | Planter Holder
Plant Holder with adjustable handle
Adjustable Window Box Deck Railing Brackets
Wild Bird Feeders
Bird Feeding Station
Garden Border Fence
Garden Folding Border Fence
Wire Grid Garden Fence
Wrought Iron Garden Border Fence
Garden Edging Fence
Small Coil Floral Wire | Plant Twist Wire Tie
Garden Wire with Rack Dispenser
Garden Wire with Spring Dispenser
Plant Twist Wire Tie with Built-in Cutter
Rubber Coated Flex Plant Twist Wire Tie
Earth Drill | Earth Anchors | Ground Screw Anchors
Metal Garden Windmill
Mini Greenhouse | Growhouse
Live Animal Traps with Multi-Gate
Folding Dog Crates | Dog Cages | Dog Kennels
Pet Playpens | Dog Playpens
Small Animal Cages | Cat Cages | Pet Cages

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